Catie's Closet: DHS

About: Catie's Closet
  • What makes Catie's Closet different than other "donation centers"?
    Schools equipped with a Catie’s Closet allows students living in poverty the ability to pick and choose clothing and basic necessities they require - and are proud to wear.
    Lack of access to basic necessities is one of the top reasons for absenteeism. By meeting students’ needs, Catie’s Closet boosts self-esteem and motivates students to attend school and focus on their education.
  • Clothing kids and teens are proud to wear
    Catie's Closet provides up-to-date and stylish clothing that students want to wear. Catie's Closet collects new and gently used clothing at our Distribution Center. Catie's Closets are well-organized and welcoming places where kids want to “shop.”
  • Sensitive and discreet approach
    Students are introduced to Catie’s Closet through their guidance counselors, school nurses, or social workers. They can visit the closet privately, during school hours, and select clothes that reflect their own style. Catie’s Closet provides a supportive environment where kids can choose the items they need to look good and feel confident.
  • In-school resource
    Other distribution models for clothing and toiletries require transportation to get to a facility and intervention by social services. Catie’s Closet delivers this resource in schools, so that students get clothes and accessories in a way that gives them control.
    Catie’s Closet provides clothing for kids through their high school years, when absenteeism and social pressure is on the rise.
  • Clothing and beyond
    Although clothing is our mainstay, Catie’s Closet also provides additional items that students need to be successful. This includes new toiletries, backpacks, undergarments, shoes, and even bus passes and grocery cards.


DHS students and/or parents may contact one of the following members about Catie’s Closet.