You should now be able to see the 2020-21 schedules in Aspen. We have done the best we can to balance fitting students into classes they need for graduation, honoring requests for electives and balancing the number of students in each classroom at any point in time.

Due to the social distancing and cohorting requirements, we will NOT have a traditional add drop period. If a student is not in their first choice electives, it is because they were unable to fit into the schedule with this year's restrictions.

If you still have a concern that needs to be addressed by your guidance counselor, please complete the form below.


Staff Contacts

Charlean HortonGuidance Secretaryext. 1145
Cass MercerGuidance Secretaryext. 1147
Jennifer BullardGuidance Counselor/Guidance Department Chairpersonext. 1154
Cynthia CanfieldGuidance Counselorext. 1153
Danielle D'AmatoGuidance Counselorext. 1431
Geoffrey KromerGuidance Counselorext. 1151