My School Bucks FAQs

MySchoolBucks Important Information
Effective July 29, 2021 the MySchoolBucks program fee will increase to $2.75 for all cafeteria credit/debit card payments. The program fee for cafeteria electronic check payments will remain the same if e-checks are accepted.

Despite all the challenges of this school year, we’ve used it as an opportunity to continue making meaningful improvements to MySchoolBucks so we can better meet your needs:

New Parent Portal - You can now easily customize and control the parent experience. Add a welcome message, announcements, and links to Store products or specific external webpages to guide parents after they log in.

Better login security - 2-Step Verification is now part of the MySchoolBucks login process, which adds an extra layer of security for all users.

More support options - We’ve expanded our support options for parents and staff. Parents can now chat with us directly through the website or mobile app. Staff can search for answers quickly and easily in Support Central.

Please contact the call center team at MySchoolBucks for any questions or support at (855) 832-5226 or email at support@myschoolbucks.com


Dracut Public Schools is excited to introduce our point of sale (POS) system called Nutrikids that is new to this school year. NutriKids is the leading provider of food service management products and support for the K-12 market. MySchoolBucks is a program that is a secure online student account system that ties in with the Nutrikids system. MySchoolBucks is a great, secure online student account system that parents and students can benefit from.

To learn more about both our Nutrikids and mySchoolBucks tools, please see our FAQ sheet by clicking the link below.