We are underway at the Tsongas. The DPS community is here in huge numbers cheering on our Lady Middies in the state championship game. #MIDDIEPRIDE
8 days ago, Steven Stone
PLEASE BE AWARE: If lingering snow overnight causes the need for continued cleanup, a delayed opening would cause tomorrow's early release to be canceled and school to end at regular times. ANY DECISION TO ALTER TOMORROW'S SCHEDULE WILL BE MADE IN THE MORNING.
12 days ago, Steven Stone
EARLY RELEASE TUESDAY, MARCH 14: Due to the expected snow later today, the Dracut Public Schools will have an EARLY RELEASE day today. There will be no PM Pre-K. YMCA afterschool programs WILL OPERATE as usual. RMS & DHS dismiss at 10:30AM; Elementary at 11:30AM.
13 days ago, Steven Stone
Early Release
WEATHER UNCERTAINTY: Given the volatile and uncertain weather forecasts for tomorrow, NO DECISION WILL BE MADE UNTIL TUESDAY MORNING. At this time, all options remain including an early release. Again, NO DECISION ABOUT SCHOOL ON TUESDAY, 3/14 WILL BE MADE UNTIL THE MORNING.
13 days ago, Steven Stone
Weather Uncertainty
FINAL FOUR BABY! Our Lady Middies basketball team reached the state Final Four for the 1st time in school history with a win over Wakefield Friday night. Next up, #2 seed Medfield at Worcester State Monday at 5PM. @dracutmiddies #MIDDIEPRIDE #LADYMIDDIES
15 days ago, Steven Stone
Girls Basketball
SCHOOLS CLOSED TOMORROW 2/28/23: Due to the incoming storm, the Dracut Public Schools will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28th.
27 days ago, Steven Stone
MIDDIES ACADEMY SESSIONS CANCELLED: 2/23/23. Due to inclement weather, all Middies Academy academic sessions are canceled, today, Thursday, February 23rd.
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
Best Buddies Celebrate with the Celtics! On the parquet with the Celtics for the National Anthem this past week. Thanks to Mses. Patangall & Gilliland, as well as our peer Buddies and other staff who support this great program. @bestbuddiesMARI @Celtics #MIDDIEPRIDE
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
Best Buddies
BestBuddies Group
STATE CHAMPION! Congratulations to senior Brock Desmarais who is the new 152 lb Division 2 State Champion wrestler. He will join his father, Jamie on the DHS banner of state champions! #MIDDIEPRIDE
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
Happy Presidents' Day. In honor of George Washington (February 22, 1732), the Father of our Country, and 1st President; and Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809), abolisher of slavery and our 16th President. Titans of our Republic!
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
Presidents Day
Average DAILY social media use for kids 8-12 is 5 HOURS, 33 MIN. & for teens, 8 HOURS, 39 MIN. Parents, beware of what your children see! https://www.wsj.com/articles/tiktok-child-sexual-exploitation-children-teens-29f9ac2?st=mp0rvzzyk28mt1z&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
Celebrating the 100th Day of School! This week our schools celebrated an annual milestone. Lots of smiles and Esprit de Corps. #MIDDIEPRIDE
about 1 month ago, Steven Stone
100th day 1
100th 2
100th 3
100th 4
I'm looking forward to my appearance on Merrimack Valley Radio In The Morning, on WCAP 980 AM tomorrow morning, Monday, February 6th at 7AM. FY24 budget and more...
about 2 months ago, Steven Stone
NO SCHOOL MONDAY 1/23/23: Due to the impending snow event given the timing and forecast for the northern Merrimack Valley, the Dracut Public Schools will be CLOSED TODAY, JANUARY 23rd.
2 months ago, Steven Stone
snow day
2-HOUR DELAYED OPENING: Today, Friday, January 20th, the Dracut Public Schools will have a 2-HOUR DELAYED OPENING. Additionally, there will be no AM preschool session.
2 months ago, Steven Stone
2 hour delay
The Children Have Spoken! Who better than our students to pick the colors for the new Brookside playground? Overwhelmingly & convincingly, the colors have been selected by the school's 500 students: Teal, Lilac, Blue, Grey & Pebble it is!
2 months ago, Steven Stone
Brookside Playground Vote
BES PLayground
BES Colors
"Freedom isn't free." - United States Air Force Colonel Walter Hitchcock
4 months ago, Steven Stone
Pearl Harbor
Please see all of the holiday events hosted by various organizations in town. As we say in the Dracut Public Schools: Discover the Dracut Difference... https://5il.co/1lc95
4 months ago, Steven Stone
Never forget the millions who died in, "the war to end all wars," that concluded at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918; and recognize that the arrival of millions of American soldiers in Europe was a major reason that war finally ended. #VETERANS
5 months ago, Steven Stone
Armistice Dat
TOWN MEETING TONIGHT! 7PM at DHS. Additional funding for the schools and other departments as well as a number of other warrant articles are on the docket. Nothing can be voted upon without the active participation of residents. Participate in the democratic process.
5 months ago, Steven Stone